‘Team up’ is like 🎮 two-player mode 🎮  for your first home. Whether you’re a couple, best friends, or family — if you’re looking to buy your first home together, this can make it much easier to build your deposit and see how long it could take to become homeowners.

What it used to be like for people building a deposit together.

Separate apps, who-saved-what spreadsheets, and trying to calculate how long it could take until you both have enough for a deposit. Sounds stressful (and not worth the extra wrinkles).

What building a deposit is like now, with Nude & Team up.

One app that gives you:

📈  A place where you can track your progress together.

​💰 Your own savings or investment account dedicated to your first home deposit.

📅  A countdown that shows you how long it could take to save/invest for a home.

🚀  Personalised money-saving ideas that could help you buy your home sooner.

🏠  & more!

“I wish I’d had this years ago. Super easy to save, me and my partner are using the ‘Team up’ function and it’s so rewarding to see how much we’ve collectively saved so quickly.” — Tom

How ‘Team up’ works.

Step 1: Both open a Nude Lifetime ISA.

Team up is not a joint account. You manage your share of the deposit in your own Nude Lifetime ISA and each get a 25% bonus from the UK government, tax-free.

Bonus you say?

Yep. With a Nude Lifetime ISA, you can get up to £1,000 in bonuses every tax year.

Read our mini-guide to Lifetime ISAs.

Step 2: Send your ‘Team up’ invite.

Now that you’ve both opened your Nude Lifetime ISAs, it’s time to team up!

📲  Person 1 sends an invite code to person 2.

👋  Person 2 accepts the invite in their Nude app.

🏠  You’re all teamed up and ready to build your deposit together!

It’s as easy as that.

Step 3: See how long it could take to buy your first home.

Before you team up, you’ll see how long it could take to buy your first home on your own. This is based on how much you’ve saved already, how much you could put aside each month and of course, the 25% Nude Lifetime ISA bonus.

Team up takes all this information from both of you and combines it to show you how long it could take to buy your first home together.

Now, you have one joint goal to work towards. Every time one of you puts money into your Lifetime ISA, or you get the government bonus, or interest, or return on investments, you’ll be able to track your progress together.

What makes ‘Team up’ so great for people buying their first home together?

Get up to £2,000 towards your home every year.

Let’s say you both smash it and max out your Nude Lifetime ISAs.

Your £1,000 Lifetime ISA bonus + their £1,000 Lifetime ISA bonus = £2,000 towards your first home every year, tax-free.

That could help you buy a home months or even years sooner.

Plan for the future.

Instead of guessing when you’ll be ready to buy your first home, our in-app countdown will give you a clear idea of when it'll be possible to take this next big step.

Stay motivated.

Two things that help you stay focussed on achieving big goals?

  1. Seeing progress.
  2. Being held accountable.

With Team up, you get both. And that’s the stuff of motivation magic. 💫

Stay in control of your money.

If things don’t work out, there’s no need to worry about getting your money back from a joint account.

All your money is kept in your own Nude account that only you can access.

Plus, you can un-Team-up at the touch of a button.

Get the best bits of Nude

Insights about your spending. Money-saving ideas. Learn about the home-buying process.

See what else you get when you join Nude.

Ready to start building your deposit together? Install the Nude app and open your account in just 5 minutes.