One day, your bestie could win the lottery and give you a whack of cash to buy the mansion of your dreams. But that’s all down to lady luck.  

So what if we told you there’s another way for your friends and family to help you buy a home?

It’s called ✨ Gift Time

Say goodbye 👋 to reciting sort codes over the phone, and say hello 👋 to having a personal gift link that your loved ones can use to add money straight into your Nude Lifetime ISA 💸 ➡ 🏡

Although almost half of first-time buyers received help from their parents in 2021, not everyone has that luxury.

With Gift Time, the minimum contribution is just £10, so your friends and family don’t need thousands of pounds to contribute to your dream of buying your first home.

(But if they did have thousands to send, they can totally use your Gift Time link to do that too – they can top it up all the way up to whatever you have left in your annual £4,000 Lifetime ISA allowance each year).

🎂 Birthdays

🎄 Christmas

🤍 Weddings

🧧 Chinese New Year

🎓 Graduation

& more! Go wild...

How does Gift Time work?

→ After you open a Nude Lifetime ISA, you get a unique Gift Time link that you can send to your friends and family. They can even use it to put the first contribution into your new account.

With your unique gift link, they can securely add money to your Nude Lifetime ISA. No sort codes or hassle required.

Their gift’s boosted by 25% with the Lifetime ISA bonus — kaching!

They can even see how much sooner you could buy a home with their gift. It could knock off weeks, months, or even years.

Okay we get it, it can be a liiiittle awkward to ask for money. But hopefully these tips can help...

#1 Share your plans

#2 Mention the Lifetime ISA bonus

However much you send me, the LISA bonus will boost it by another 25%.”

Where else would that happen? That’s like putting a box of chocolates in a gift bag, and a couple of bonus Dairy Milks showing up by magic. In other words, their generosity goes even further – 25% further...

Example #1: your Mum pops in £100 for your birthday. 4-6 weeks later, a £25 bonus payment will land in your account to boost her gift by 25%.  Her £100 just became £125!

Example #2: your Grandad sends you £50 for Christmas. A £12.50 bonus payment lands in your account 4-6 weeks later to add 25% onto his contribution.

Example #3: you pop your gift link on your wedding registry, Your friends & family add in £2,000 worth of contributions, and the Lifetime ISA 25% bonus is an extra £500 on top of it. You tied the knot, had a hell of a day to remember, and are £2,500 closer to owning your home together. Nice.

(Remember, the max amount you can add to your Lifetime ISA per tax year is £4,000, and the max annual bonus is £1,000 in total)

#3 Take the minimalist route

#4 Express your feelings through song

Or, it could be simpler. If it’s coming up to your birthday, and your auntie always buys you a present, just copy your link and send it to her using the templates we have in the Nude app. Or, go freestyle and type a message that tells her how much you usually looooove socks, but this year you're after something a little bit different that will save her a trip to the shops.

Try Gift Time, Team Up and all of the other features in the Nude app that can help you save for your first home and get those keys sooner 🔑