Connect your accounts to the Nude app to keep track of your money while you’re saving for your first home.

The ‘Explore’ tab in the Nude app is a dashboard for getting your financial sh*t together.

Here, you can connect multiple bank accounts and see a full overview of your money coming in 💰 and money going out 💸

Every month, you get personalised insights that can help you take control of your finances (and buy your first home sooner).

Keep track of your spending in one place

When you’re saving for a home, you’ll make hundreds of little decisions that prioritise what you want most (🏠) over what you want now (👟✈️🍾🛍️)

But it’s not easy to make money decisions when you can’t see the full impact of your spending.

With the Explore tab, you don’t have to hop between banking apps or spreadsheets to keep track of your finances. You can connect all of your current accounts, savings accounts and joint accounts to the Nude app, and get a full snapshot of your transactions. This is going to help you spot any recurring patterns or unused subscriptions that are chomping their way through your income.

Personalised money insights to help you put more towards your first home

We want to make it easier for you to save for a home, which means making it easier for you to understand where your money’s going.

That’s why, when you connect your accounts to Explore, we’ll organise all of your transactions into categories, like eating out or online shopping, and show you which companies you’ve spent the most with each month.

There are too many sweeping statements out there about what first-time buyers need to cut back on to buy a home, and what these headlines fail to recognise is that everyone’s different. With Explore, you get personalised insights and money-saving ideas that are based on your real-life spending, so you can make better informed decisions about your money.

“I am one of those people that starts with good savings intentions and then by the end of the month have dipped in and used my savings already. This app has stopped that, I am closer to having my deposit than I ever thought I’d be!” — Jess

Get mortgage application-ready

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders typically ask for your most recent 2-6 months of bank statements. They want to see that you’ll be able to make your mortgage repayments, even if interest rates go up.

So if you’ve almost reached your deposit goal and you’re juuuust about to start viewing properties, you want those bank statements to look squeaky clean, right? The Explore tab helps you keep an eye on your outgoings and lets you see exactly where you can cut back for that final stretch.

With Nude, you get so much more than a spending tracker

Nude’s the app that helps you save for your first home and it comes with heaps of features that are designed to help you buy a home sooner.

  • Lifetime ISA — Get up to £1,000 a year towards your first home
  • Time to Buy — Track your progress by how long, not just how much
  • Ideas — Money-saving ideas and challenges, personalised to you
  • Team Up — The fun way to save for a home together
  • Gift Link — Friends & family can send you money for your first home
  • Monthly Giveaways — Win £££ towards your first home in the Nude app

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