If you’re here, you’re probably getting your sh*t together to buy your first home. But what about all the other stuff?

💻 Careers?

❤️ Relationships?

💰 Personal finance?

🧠 Wellbeing?

🍽️ How to plan a dinner party for 5 guests with 5 different dietary requirements?

That’s where Adultish comes in — our newsletter that helps you navigate the mind-bending path towards becoming a real human adult.

In each episode, we interview inspiring people about how they’re finding their feet in this thing called life. So far, we’ve had Lawyers, Forensic Jewellers and globally-recognised Photographers. Plus, exciting guests from Airbnb, Bridgerton, Brightland, Spotify and the NHS. The one thing they all have in common? They’re winging it like the rest of us.

Next up is our ​hot links — a list of articles worth reading, accounts worth following and ideas worth knowing about. All carefully curated by your friendly neighbourhood Adultish team.

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❓Subreddit: Am I the a-hole?

🍑 Course: The sex-ed we wish we had in school

🏝️ Tool: Let these horses in Iceland write your OOO response

🚿 App: Cut your shower to one song and help the planet

👔 Article: My boss is smothering the hell out of me — what do I do?

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