To celebrate 🎊 100 episodes 🎊 of our newsletter, Adultish, we’ve collated 100 of the hottest links and nuggets of wisdom from the archives of past episodes.

Dive in for tips on work, relationships, sustainable living, buying a home & more.

#1. Show your boss how much those unnecessary meetings actually cost.

#2. Master the art of being indispensable at work.

#3. Thinking of a career change? Read “How to find fulfilling work” by Roman Krznaric.

#4. Let these Icelandic horses write your out-of-office email.

#5. Here are some tried-and-tested email templates for when you need to say no.

#6. Use this low-key LinkedIn hack for landing a job at your dream company.

#7. Tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.

#8. Sending your CV? Test if that email address is real.

#9. The ultimate guide for people who are thinking of going freelance.

#10. How to give criticism at work (without sounding like an a-hole).

#11. Stop waiting for “perfect” to launch your idea, à la Jazz Douglas from Adultish Issue #29

“Just do the thing! You can get caught up in over-planning & productive procrastination so easily — things are never going to be PERFECT. Think: what’s the simplest version of what I want to do that validates my idea? That’s what you want to focus on launching — you can iterate and change depending on how whatever you put out there is received, rather than creating some complicated “perfect” thing that requires a lot of energy, only for no one to want it.”

#12. Treat mental wellbeing like physical wellbeing, like Shamiso Chirimuuta from Adultish Issue #43.

“Mental health is like fitness, and sustained good mental health can only be achieved through continued introspection, setting up routines that work for you, and prioritising a healthy mind.”

#13. Best practices for developing a healthier relationship with your phone.

#14. The 5 types of rest to allow yourself.

#15. Don’t withhold your emotions, says Dr Martha Gillespie from Adultish Issue #3.

“Experiencing emotions fully, talking about them, and making sense of them helps us to manage difficult emotions and therefore difficult situations in the long run. It also models to others that emotions are okay, emotions are normal, and talking about them can help.”

#16. Check out this book and newsletter on the art of noticing.

#17. Having trouble making a decision? Here’s how to identify the most important thing.

#18. Andy McCune, Adultish Issue #39's advice: protect yourself from burn out.

“If you don’t want to burn out, stop living like you’re on fire.”

#19. How aesthetics can make you happy.

#20. Remember, you're running your own race. Kim Darragon from Adultish Issue #79's wise words were...

“Do your thing, at your own pace, and be proud of it. It's easy to compare yourself to your relatives, friends, colleagues or other entrepreneurs. But racing against someone who's different from you — with a different personality, ambitions, dreams and objectives — means losing what matters most to YOU.”

#21. This app reminds you to stretch when you’re sitting at your desk all day.

#22. Get rewarded for walking.

#23. Learn about the science of sleeping (and what it does for you).

#24. Here are two ways to stay motivated to exercise, from Kirsty McLachlan, Adultish Issue #35...

“The main thing that keeps me running regularly is having a race booked. Besides the personal shame of dropping out, races are spenny and you don’t want to waste a chunk of money because you’d rather be lazy. I’ve just signed up to a virtual race happening next year after a friend’s recommendation, and am trying to tell as many people who’ll listen to hold me accountable. Also laying out your exercise kit the night before you want to get up and go works (almost) every time.”

#25. Don’t sleep on your sexual wellbeing.

#26. An app that gives you new walking routes every day that are centred around your home or work.

#27. You want to eat well, but can’t cook? Start with these tips from Kerri Major in Adultish Issue #71.

  • Start simple and look up some easy recipes to get you inspired.
  • Invest in some easy-to-use cooking equipment, such as a soup maker or a slow cooker.
  • Buy pre-chopped or frozen veggies.
  • Batch cook — it saves so much time and effort.
  • Consider a meal prep company (make sure they're freshly prepared and include a protein source, whole grain carbohydrates and some vegetables).

#28. How to train yourself to sleep on your back.

#29. What does “healthy eating” even mean?

#30. How to make the most of your vegetable peels.

#31. 3 ways to build a more sustainable wardrobe, from Eshita Kabra in Adultish Issue #4...

“Discover everything you already own by going through each item and styling it differently. Purchase only iconic pieces you’ll wear for years, and spread their cost by lending them out. Then rent the rest.”

#32.  How to break up with fast furniture.

#33. Cut your shower time to one song to save money (and the planet).

#34. A clever way to scrap any need for plastic shopping bags.

#35. How to transition to a plant-based diet (if you want to), according to Iain Robertson from Adultish Issue #58.

“Take it easy and introduce it gradually, reduction is more manageable than sudden abstinence. It’s never been easier to try plant-based, just make sure you take your B12, check wine labels to ensure they’re vegan, and drink Aperol Negronis (Campari uses gelatine in its clarification process). Check out my pal Gaz at @avantgardevegan, and @okonomikitchen for some simple recipe ideas!”

#36. How and why I stopped buying new laptops.

#37. Want to eat locally-sourced food? Check out this database of farms in the UK.

#38. The sustainable(ish) living guide.

#39. Save all your links for later in one place.

#40. Keep up to date with politics in an easy, digestible way.

#41. Separate the newsletters you enjoy from the rest of your emails.

#42. Never be stuck on what to watch again.

#43. You have to stop using the same password for everything. Create a secure password vault instead.

#44. How to find the perfect music and podcasts faster.

#45. Keep up with the news (without the clutter).

#46. Listen to radio stations all over the world.

#47. Let AI find new podcasts for you.

#48. Get so much more from your subscription with this website full of secret Netflix codes.

#49. Beat spam with an email address that lasts only 10 minutes.

#50. How to stop giving unsolicited advice.

#51. Advice for people who are about to become parents for the first time from Daniella Perri in Adultish Issue #21:

  • Don't make any relationship decisions in those first two years, I would say. Because it's super hard. You are both tired and emotionally drained beyond belief.
  • Communication is key. Speak to each other, or if that doesn't work, write to each other. Tell each other what you're feeling or going through.
  • Create a system, track who is doing what, for example who put the baby to sleep most times last week etc. So it's clear who needs time off.
  • Think of yourself as a company and review your strategies. What is working and what is not working? Get rid of the things that are not working, quickly!
  • Treat each other with respect, always. Be honest about your feelings.

#52. A podcast episode that talks about strengthening your friendships as an adult.

#53. How to set boundaries in the early stages of dating.

#54. Questions to ask the people you love, from Cat Sarsfield, Adultish Issue #38.

“Communicate what you need from your friends: If you have friendships that are purely for show, then it’s about reassessing what you give to each other. I don’t believe that you ever need to break-up with a friend — it’s more about communicating what you both need. Sometimes, if those needs differ, it’s ok to part ways”

#55. This brilliant podcast is full of embarrassing dating stories.

#56. An app that sends you reminders to keep in touch with friends.

#57. 5 lessons on heartbreak from Paloma Faith.

#58. How to balance household tasks for a fairer co-living situ.

#59. Understand the relationship habits we pick up from our parents and guardians.

#60. Prioritise yourself for the first hour of every day like Mo Gawdat from Adultish Issue #25.

“Instead of jumping to grab my phone to check social media and the news, I use the first hour of my day to stretch, reflect, meditate, organise my day and build my intentions.”

#61. Track all of your recurring habits in one app.

#62. Winnie Awa, Adultish Issue #48's advice: create a new identity to build lasting habits.

“I read something James Clear wrote about how the key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. In other words, believing new things about yourself. After that, I started blabbing to my friends (poor them) about how I am now the kind of girl that cooks. That was so affirming and subtly shifted my perspective to food being an act of nourishing and pouring love into my body.”

#63. Put your weekly meal plan on your fridge like Aishwarya Ayer from Adultish Issue #22.

“I finally started creating a weekly plan of what we are going to eat every single day, for every single meal. We stick it on the fridge, and use it as a guide. It’s been a game-changer, because we aren’t scrambling to figure out if we have the ingredients we need for dinner, or WTF to throw together for lunch in between calls and Zoom meetings on weekdays.”

#64. Take morning routine inspo from these people in Japan.

#65. Set a theme for each day, just like Rosy Tsai from Adultish Issue #7.

“Setting up some simple guidelines not only gives me a bit of direction but also helps eliminate all the choices — think Pasta Tuesday, 3,000 steps a day, call-a-friend Friday…I just set an alarm for the day to remind myself of the activities. It’s pretty effective!”

#66. Get all your thoughts out of your head first thing in the morning, says Bryony White from Adultish Issue #15.

“While my tea is brewing, I sit on my meditation cushion and ‘free write’ in my notebook for around 5 minutes. This is an incredible technique where you set a timer and write continuously, not worrying about punctuation or even the words coming out, it really helps to clear the mind.”

#67. Every now and then, answer these 83 questions to troubleshoot your life.

#68. How to build a better bedtime routine.

#69. Let this app find discount codes for you.

#70. Don’t let your pension sit unclaimed.  Annabel Bligh from Adultish Issue #33 is glad she didn't...

“When I left my job last month, I transferred my pension into PensionBee. It’s an app that lets you combine pensions from different places into one account, so you know where all the money is. Even if it’s a measly amount like mine.”

#71. A guide on how much you might need to retire.

#72. Keep track of your shared expenses at home, on trips and more.

#73. Here are 3 steps you can take to have a stronger grasp on your finances from Will Langston in Adultish Issue #40.

  • Start saving a small amount of money each month. It doesn't matter how small this amount is, it’s just important that you start. It’s your money habits that determine your financial wellbeing — so start a savings habit now.
  • Learn about investing in the stock market — it’s not as hard or scary as you think (read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins). You’ll soon be making money whilst you sleep.
  • Learn to be patient. Set long term goals and accept that progress will be slow and boring. Patience is essential if you want to be better with money.

#74. Find discount codes on Facebook Ad Library.

#75. Understand how peer pressure impacts your spending to put a stop to it 4eva.

#76. "Spend what you have left after saving, don't save what you have left after spending" — Ron Kafesu, Adultish Issue #9.

#77. You’re never too young to write your will. This team will guide you through it.

#78. 10 ways to cut your energy bills.

#79. How to remove stains from tupperware.

#80. How to clean your oven with food-friendly, natural ingredients.

#81. A really cool website about house plants and how to keep them alive.

#82. Listen to this podcast about really useful home safety tips.

#83. How to properly clean your shower.

#84. This is the best way to organise your freezer.

#85. How to bleed a radiator.

#86. The complete guide to building your home bar.

#87. See how celebrities organise their massive homes.

#88. How to wash your pillows correctly (your skin will thank you for it).

#89. When to replace your household appliances.

#90. Looking for rental-friendly decorating tips? You’re going to love this book “Home Sweet Rented Home”.

#91. What to do if you buy a home together, then break up.

#92. You can get up to £1,000 towards your first home every year from the UK government, just for putting money into this type of account.

#93. Advice on buying your first home from Ian Greenhill, Adultish Issue #20.

  • Buy a house in need of TLC but in a good area
  • Invest money in doing it up instead of bidding over the asking price
  • Don’t be sad if you lose out on houses
  • Don’t get caught up in the bidding nonsense!

#94. This calculator shows you how long it could take to save a deposit.  

#95. This is your reminder to know your rights as a renter.

#96. Practical saving tips for buying your first home.

#97. Here are 3 things Stuart from Adultish Issue #41 wishes he knew before buying a place.

Homes need maintaining, especially if your plan is to sell up and move on to your next property eventually. You need to keep up with repairs as without question there will always be a problem to fix with them.

Stay ahead of the curve in terms of what people look for in a property. I tried to add lots of smart home technology to the apartment; a Nest thermostat and fire alarms, Philips Hue lights which you can control with your phone/voice and put in some nice unique features like downlighters and even a projector in the bedroom. I managed to sell my apartment at a much higher value.

A good mortgage broker is worth their weight in gold.

#98. Check the air quality before you buy or rent a home.

#99. Our app, Nude, helps first-time buyers save for their first home.

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